Canava Santino was built in Messaria by the family Markezinis. On one of the labels of the wine, produced there by Markezinis, the year 1827 is mentioned as the date of the canava foundation!


This complex was one of the biggest places in the village of Messaria, where wine was produced. “Canava” in the old days was called the place where the wine was produced and maintained.


Usually, canava was made by digging into the volcanic soil, the so called ‘aspa’, creating caves. In there the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity were met in order to preserve good quality of wine. The wine of Santorini was the main product of the local exports abroad.

Producers and wine traders were the wealthiest persons in the island, from those Greeks who have created the miracle of the Greek shipping industry. One of those people was George Markezinis, descendant of V. Markezinis, the first consul of Russia on the island, back in the 19th c.; The last G. Markezinis used the 1827 built canava for also producing in there his wine during the years 1970 to 1983. He was further bottling the wine in the factories built next to the canava, where still exists his manor house, now deserted.

The Markezinis’s canava was developed on a plot of about 500 sqm, consisting of two excavated big rooms (room so called ‘iposkafo’). In the one, the now days so called “Ammoudi”, the wine was stored in two rows of big barrels with a passageway between them. In the second cave, today the “Merovigli”, the wine was produced. There, the grapes were pressed by the feet in the pressing floor, the ‘patitiri’. From patitiri the must was flowing by gravity in two ‘linos’, the must collectors, from where the must was taken to the barrels, becoming later on wine.


The 'Oia Apartment' used to host one  ‘patitiri’ and one ‘lino’. In this room must was produced, but also there was the wine quality control facility and tools. Entering to the canava complex, to the left, there was a small house for the personnel’s accommodation, now so called “Kallisti”. All three 'iposkafa' and the small house, are looking to a large backyard of about 150 sqm. From 1982 to 1985 the canava Markezini was used as a music hall, under the Greek name “ΣΑNΤΙΝΟ”… Later we converted the canava Markezini into the today’s Canava Santino!.


Last wine produced was the Santino 1971,after which comes our name..